List of DDNS services

Synology Services is down Oray.com PenanutHull DDNS http://www.oray.com/peanuthull/ddns/ Freedns.org Services is down Zoneedit.com http://zoneedit.com/whyZoneEdit.html DNSPod.com https://www.dnspod.com/why-dnspod/rich-functions (With free plans) ChangeIP.com http://www.changeip.com/Pricing.asp Dynamic DO!.jp http://ddo.jp/services.php (With free plans) 3322.org Services is down able.or.kr http://able.or.kr/ddns/src/login.php (no description) No-IP.com http://www.no-ip.com/services/managed_dns/free_dynamic_dns.html (With free plans) Two-DNS.de http://two-dns.de/en/ DYNDNS.org http://dyn.com/dns/

MAC OSX Web Server path note

hosts /private/etc/hosts Apache httpd.conf /private/etc/apache2/http.conf Apache virtual httpd.conf /private/etc/apache2/users/[username].conf MySQL /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqladmin

IIS Restart Command – iisreset

>iisreset -noforce Usage:iisreset [computername] /RESTART – Stop and then restart all Internet services. /START – Start all Internet services. /STOP – Stop all Internet services. /REBOOT – Reboot the computer. /REBOOTONERROR – Reboot the computer if an error occurs when starting, stopping, or restarting Internet services. /NOFORCE – Do not forcefully terminate Internet services if …

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