Reverse VNC – Ubuntu

1. Install x11VNC sudo cialis apt-get install x11vnc 2. Terminal command x11vnc -connect your.external.ip.address:5500 or x11vnc -connect canada cialis online internal.ip:5500 Bash file #!/bin/bash x11vnc -connect external.ip.address:5500 Change permissions to ‘executable’ chmod 755 ~/Desktop/Remote_Support.sh

Ubuntu Server

1. Ubuntu server download + Basic Server configuration and install webmin 2. Install desktop enviroment (not recommend) 3. To Enable Web services Apache+PHP+MySQL 4. Upload files to the server + Remove installed package from server

Wine in Linux

WINE can enable Linux system to run executable  files (.exe files) but Wine Is Not an Emulator following is how to enable wine in Linux Ubuntu system Software Center