List of DDNS services

Synology Services is down PenanutHull DDNS Services is down (With free plans) Dynamic DO!.jp (With free plans) Services is down (no description) (With free plans)

How to configure LAN Card NOT to register in the DNS server

網域中的伺服器如果有兩張以上的網路介面,而且也這些介面都有設定與啟用的話,在預設的情況下所有 IP 位址都會被動態註冊到網域主控站的 DNS 伺服器中,而這個動態註冊的過程卻會導致這台電腦的網域名稱 (例如: Web1.MyDomain.local ) 被多重註冊進 DNS 裡,進而形成 Round robin DNS 的情況,如果其中一個介面的 IP 不屬於網域內所使用的內部 IP 就很有可能造成一些不必要的問題發生。 要針對特定網路介面關閉自動登錄 DNS 就要修改 TCP/IP 的設定: 1. 開啟網路連線功能 ( ncpa.cpl )

Ubuntu Server

1. Ubuntu server download + Basic Server configuration and install webmin 2. Install desktop enviroment (not recommend) 3. To Enable Web services Apache+PHP+MySQL 4. Upload files to the server + Remove installed package from server

Upgrading Server check list

10 things need to remeber Always start with a verified data backup Consider creating an image backup Don’t make multiple simultaneous changes Monitor logs closely after making changes Confirm the OS Confirm the chassis supports the upgrade Don’t assume plug-and-play Optimize performance You get what you pay for Document changes Read more from ZDnet