IP Address and Subnetting

Network Classes 0 – Gateway Class A 1-126 CIDR /8 Private: – /8 127 – loopback Class B 128-191 CIDR /16 Private: – /12 Class C 192-223 CIDR /24 Private: – /16

Buffalo router local loopback comman iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -d -o br0 -j MASQUERADE Where change to your local LAN subnet

MAC OSX command line Port Scan

Stroke sudo ln /Applications/Utilities/Network /usr/bin/stroke chmod uo+x /usr/bin/stroke How to use Stroke stroke address startPort endPort

Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS As web pages become more complex and include more resources from multiple origin domains, clients need to perform multiple DNS lookups to render a single page. The average Internet user performs hundreds of DNS lookups each day, slowing down his or her browsing experience. As the web continues to grow, greater load …

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New found! Fast network remote software

Zero Remote – Find on 13-Jan-2010 – very light – does not need to setup Zero Remote is now True Remote – Find on 6-Aug-2010 Zero remote stops updating and the creator move the development to True Remote TrueRemote Trueremote 1.2.1 – Click link to download