Use terminal to get a file from web in OSX

To get a file from the web server use the following curl -O link: Using cURL to automate HTTP job link:

Use mysql in OSX terminal

The installation process do not make the alias to the MySQL installation path so here is what I do. alias mysql=/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql alias mysqladmin=/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqladmin Link: MySQL Reference for OS X First to login you use the following mysql -u [username] -p e.g. mysql -u root -p Link:

Synergy – 1 Keyboard and Mouse control Multiple computers

Updated on: Oct 13, 2011 Published on: Jul 29, 2010 Synergy let’s you use one set of keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers across different platform simply using TCP/IP protocol Sourceforge Project page For windows platform – Download Link For Linux RPM – Download Link For MAC OS – Download Link

Examples Of Using CHMOD PEOPLE PERMISSIONS u = the file’s user (you) r = read access g = the file’s group x = execute access o = others w = write access a = the user, the group, and others To change permissions for a file named filename.cgi, you need to chmod the file (change mode). For example, when …

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Mac OS System Error Codes: -299 to -5553 Notification Manager Error -299 nmTypErr Invalid qType*must be ORD(nmType) Start Manager Errors -290 smSDMInitErr SDM could not be initialized. -291 smSRTInitErr Slot Resource Table could not be initialized. -292 smPRAMInitErr Slot Resource Table could not be initialized. -293 smPriInitErr Cards could not be initialized. -300 smEmptySlot No card in slot -301 smCRCFail CRC check …

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Mackintosh First tips

When starting up the MAC holding down the option key, it will bring you to a menu to let you choose boot from the Recovery HD. When install the Lion upgrade the upgrade will create a small 650mb bootable disk that isn’t part of the main partition. The menu will allow you to reinstall Lion, …

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