Synergy – 1 Keyboard and Mouse control Multiple computers

Updated on: Oct 13, 2011

Published on: Jul 29, 2010

Synergy let’s you use one set of keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers across different platform simply using TCP/IP protocol

Sourceforge Project page

For windows platform – Download Link

For Linux RPM – Download Link

For MAC OS – Download Link

Server Settings

Client Settings


Linux – Ubuntu (under Ubuntu I use  QuickSynergy)

make sure the Screen name is the name of the server screen setting.

Since I do not have a MAC OS running so i could not capture a screenshot for it, but I guess, is pretty much the same.

Under my Ubuntu I use the QuickSynergy instead of the RPM above from Sourceforge  – Link here

After installation, the application is under (Applications > Accessories > QuickSynergy)

Updated on: Oct 13, 2011 setup on a MAC as a Server

To run the Synergy as a KVM server do the following

  1. Go to to get the latest version of the Synergy
  2. Extract the zip file to anywhere you want. (I put it in my Desktop)
  3. Follow the “MacReadme.txt” to copy the file into your system.
  4. Rename the synergy.conf.example file to synergy.conf file.
  5. Edit the synergy.conf file to match your computer physical environment.

synergy configuration file document

To Start the synergys app

  1. Start the terminal app
  2. Log in as root or system [sudo -s]
  3. Drag the synergys file into your terminal window. Do not press enter after this
  4. Type the following after the path added from the last step [-f –config]. Do not press enter after this
  5. Then drag the synergy.conf file into the terminal window then press enter to run the application.

If there is any error you can press ctrl + c to stop the app if it do not stop by itself. Correct any error and run it again.