Remove save skype name at login screen

For Windows :

1.      Open the Run command/window  (to open Run, just click the Windows Logo key in your keyword + R).

2.       Type %appdata%skype into the Run window and click OK.

Run Screen

3.       Delete the folder named after the Skype Name you wish to remove from the sign-in screen.

Example:  If I want to remove account Username 1 in the login window, I just need to delete

the folder named Username 1 (screenshot sample below)


For Mac :

the location of the folder is;

User/Library/Application Support/Skype

where *User is your computer name.

The same process applies, just delete the folder named after the account username you want to delete from the login window.

Note:  When you login again in the same computer, your username will re-appear in the sign-in window.  you need to re-do the process again.

Skype Support link: Skype Support