An alternative for editing HTML, php, asp even programming language such as C, Java, VB

is a nice editor and light weight.

To replace original windows notepad, follow the following steps

1. Download Notepad++ setup and install.
2. Download Notepad++ launcher and extract.

Installation Instruction :
* Backup your original Notepad.exe (we never know…).
* Copy notepad.exe which comes with this package into 3 directories (in given order) :
1. c:windowssystem32dllcache
2. c:windowssystem32
3. c:windows
When you replace notepad.exe in c:windowssystem32 and c:windows, a “Windows File Protection” message box appears, click Cancel. Then another message box appears, click OK.
* Modify you registry (if you use installer to install your Notepad++, you don’t need to do this step): Create key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARENotepad++, then add your Notepad++ full path as the default value of this key. In my case, it’s C:Program FilesNotepad++.
Now Notepad++ is your default Notepad. Enjoy.