Install VNC remotely and connect

This will install one of three different flavors of VNC on a remote computer so you can connect to it remotely, even if it does not have an installation of VNC currently running.

_-_-_- How this is different than fastpush or skeep_-_-_-

Fastpush will install VNC on multiple computers in a quick fashion. It is a great utility.

Skeep is also another handy utility – I would check it out if you are using UltraVNC. Differences here are, Skeep is a console-based VNC tool, which allows you to control it in a much broader scope. This script is intended to be used with 3rd party applications or as a one-off solution to get connected to a remote station.

This script is geared toward installing VNC and connecting to one PC at at time. Handy tool to have as an alternate (or heck, primary) remote connectivity tool to your workstations.

_-_-_- Known bugs – 03/10/10_-_-_-

Query upon connect works…oddly…sometimes it will do as expected, but other times it will not. Everything else is fine. The script will connect to the remote station without prompting the user.

_-_-_- How-To_-_-_-

See this link to view the complete How-To (also includes screenshots):

Download the vbs here

Source from – Spiceworks