Synergy – 1 Keyboard and Mouse control Multiple computers

Updated on: Oct 13, 2011 Published on: Jul 29, 2010 Synergy let’s you use one set of keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers across different platform simply using TCP/IP protocol Sourceforge Project page For windows platform – Download Link For Linux RPM – Download Link For MAC OS – Download Link

Examples Of Using CHMOD PEOPLE PERMISSIONS u = the file’s user (you) r = read access g = the file’s group x = execute access o = others w = write access a = the user, the group, and others To change permissions for a file named filename.cgi, you need to chmod the file (change mode). For example, when …

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Ubuntu Server

1. Ubuntu server download + Basic Server configuration and install webmin 2. Install desktop enviroment (not recommend) 3. To Enable Web services Apache+PHP+MySQL 4. Upload files to the server + Remove installed package from server