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Chrome to android phone extension

If you like me using Android phone and love to use Google Chrome, you can use this extension with your Chrome to send the current viewing page to your phone to keep reading when you need to leave your computer in a huarry.


鑰匙、螺絲釘、硬幣、以及刀片這些試刮無意義,念書時有實驗過用美工刀是刮不傷玻璃窗的。 由摩氏硬度表可知硬幣、鑰匙的硬度3.5~4,刀片、螺絲釘硬度5.5 (最硬的鑽石為10)。 而一般玻璃的硬度是5.5~6,玻璃比這些東西硬,根本傷不了玻璃,何況是加強過的強化玻璃, 不管哪隻強化玻璃的觸控手機都會有相同的結果。 但是,隨手地上沾點沙子用手在玻璃上磨結果就不一樣了,沙子中普遍含有細小的石英, 石英的硬度有7,不夠強的強化玻璃會變成花臉。 鑰匙刮不爛,結果拿塊布擦手機就把手機擦花了。 要擦手機前記得先把布上的沙塵抖乾淨啊!布上面的沙塵只有有一顆微小的石英就….. Chinese Engadget

Android 2.2 Upgrade

1. Turn off the phone and hold down the (-) volume button and turn on the phone. 2. Then it will bring you to boot option, you can use the volume buttons to move and power button to choose, this time we choose [RECOVERY] option and press the power button. 3. Then the screen will …

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